The design elements of Sundborn Children’s House draw inspiration from Sundborn, Sweden and artist Carl Larsson.

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Sundborn Children’s House takes its name from the district of Sundborn, Sweden. Dalarna County in Sweden, where Sundborn is situated, is known for its characteristic red houses, which we have emulated in our own little “Sundborn Village”.

Sundborn, Sweden was home to artist Carl Larsson, who was a well-known painter in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Much of the color palette and interior décor at Sundborn Children’s House has been inspired by Larsson’s artwork and his home in Sundborn, Sweden.

Because his family served as models for many of his paintings, much of his work shows children in sweet, everyday situations that have influenced not just the design and aesthetic, but the overall atmosphere we’ve tried to create at Sundborn Children’s House.

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“I was attracted to Carl Larsson’s paintings because his work depicted the life that Maria Montessori envisionsed for every child.”

—Karen Madsen-Barton, Founder and Director

By Carl Larsson


Carl Larsson painting images via The Athenaeum.