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Classroom Celebrations and Acknowledgement of Holidays



At Sundborn, we see the value in understanding celebrations and holidays from various faith practices around the world. We have three larger celebrations for the more common holidays in our area (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day), and smaller celebrations or discussions about other holidays around the world.

For these bigger celebrations, both classrooms come together for a special, buffet-style snack. Children are dismissed by table (groups of 4-6) to serve themselves snack and a drink from the buffet. They then return to their seats and wait to eat until every child has been served. This is an excellent practice in grace and courtesy, executive function, and delayed gratification.

All of our celebrations, as well as birthday celebrations, are for the children only; we hold several separate, all-family events throughout the year.

Carl Larsson | Garden scene from Marstrand 1889.jpeg

Garden Scene from Marstrand by Carl Larsson 1889