Sundborn Children's House nurtures the human spirit by educating, empowering and supporting children and parents to thrive as individuals, in families, and in communities.

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Our Story

Sundborn Children’s House is Albany’s only Montessori school, and has been in operation for over 25 years. We serve 50 children, ages 2.5–6 years old. Our goals as a school community are to meet the social, intellectual, physical and emotional needs of children by offering a child-centered environment in a warm, loving and secure atmosphere.

Our program is based on the philosophy and scientific theory of Dr. Maria Montessori, and the educational methods she developed through her observation of children. This approach to education fosters self-awareness and independence, built through repeated experiences of personal success and self-mastery.

In order to best serve our community, Sundborn is committed to making excellence affordable. We intentionally keep our rates competitive with those of other centers in the area, and we value our ability to serve a diverse socio-economic group in this way.

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School Setting

Sundborn Children’s House began as a group of 18 children inside the Fairmount School building in North Albany. Shortly after its beginning, Sundborn moved to its current location. After 25 years of operation, we currently serve over 50 children from families in our community and other communities nearby.

After many years of work, great fundraising efforts, and generous donations the community, our school is now made up of two houses that sit on one large yard with gardens, hills, a small bridge, and trees and rocks for climbing.

Our school environment is made up of two buildings and an expansive yard.

In 2017, we also acquired another property behind our school. It is currently an empty lot, but our community has expressed a growing need for quality care and early education. Our goal is to help meet this need by further expanding in the future.

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