At this time, our enrollment for the 2019–20 school year is closed.
If you are interested in our school and have a child who will be between the ages of 2.5–3.5 in the summer of 2020, please contact us to schedule a tour.

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Open House

Sundborn holds an open house each year. This is a great opportunity for prospective parents in interested community members to come see our school, talk to teachers and current or past parents, and learn more about us.

2019–20 Open House will take place in late winter the official date will to be announced.

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Schedule a Tour

Come see us! The best way to learn about our school is to schedule a tour. During your school tour, you will be able to see the school in person, as well as learn from our director about what makes a Montessori classroom special.

This is also a great time to bring any questions you may have about Montessori education or about Sundborn specifically.


Enrollment Process

At Sundborn, we are committed to empowering parents and supporting the developmental needs of the child. Because of this, we have a three-step enrollment process to assure a sense of security for both parents and children before the first day of school ever happens.

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The school tour is the first meeting between parents or primary caregivers and our Director. During this adults only tour, you will be able to walk around our school, take a look at our classrooms, and learn about the Montessori philosophy. This is also a great time to ask any questions that you may have about Montessori education or about Sundborn specifically. At the end of the tour, you will be sent home with enrollment paperwork.

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Home Visit

We would never expect a parent to drop their child off with someone they don’t know. So, once enrollment is confirmed, the next step is a home visit. Our Director will schedule a time to visit your home in order to establish this first connection with your child. 

This is a valuable part of the process, because your child knows that the only people invited into their home are friends or family. A visit from our Director gives your child the clear message that “This person is a friend”. This means that when they arrive at school for the first time, they get to see the familiar face of a friend.

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School Visit

The third and final part of the enrollment process, the school visit is a practice run before the child actually starts school. Shortly after the home visit, either later that day or within the next day or two, you will bring your child to the school and drop them off and leave just like you would on a school day. The difference is that the school visit is only about 30 minutes long.

This gives the child an opportunity to meet other staff and students who are present, orient themselves to the classroom, and receive a couple preliminary lessons before their first day. Because it is a short visit, the concept of being dropped off and picked up “soon” is reinforced. After this, your child is ready to start school at Sundborn!

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